More than 95% of gyms ONLY require a certification (usually a weekend course) for personal trainers or coaches to train clients/members. ALIO Fitness Club personal trainers are not only certified but most importantly have a 4 year Exercise Science degree. Our experience and education insures the most effective exercise programming for all fitness levels.

Environment & Equipment


Our Setting is like no other fitness studio in Texas! As you walk through our doors you will encounter a unique atmosphere along with fitness equipment that no other group training studio uses nationally. We designed ALIO to make you feel like you are in another world. Group training memberships are 21+  (personal training all ages) so come enjoy a cultivated atmosphere. Take a bold step through our doors and feel the energy!


RSVP Group Training


No longer do you have to wait for equipment or guidance. Group sessions are limited to TWELVE people to give you a safe, personal and exclusive experience. This also allows us to modify or progress exercises in a very efficient manner if needed.

Fit 3D Body Scanner & Nutrition Plan


We are one of the few gyms in Texas that have a state of the art body scanner. Our Fit 3D body Scanner will asses your body (measurements, body fat, Basal Metabolic Rate, Posture) which will teach us EVERYTHING we need to know about you! 80% of your results will come from what you eat. Which is why we offer nutrition plans that will be tailored for your distinct goals.

Local & Very Personable

We are a LOCAL Boutique Gym! ALIO Fitness Club was founded by TWO UTSA Alumni! Sam & Danny run & operate ALIO Fitness Club. We will make sure you have an amazing experience.


Did we mention we have been personal training for 15 years? OH YES! :)


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