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meet your team

Sam & Danny are the founders of ALIO Fitness Club. They are both UTSA Alumni and have 4 year degrees in Kinesiology Exercise Science. They've been personal trainers for 12 years.

the training studio

how to pick the right gym

Everyone is always looking for the "right gym."


The most important thing that can make or break your FITNESS JOURNEY will be the personal trainers/coaches.


Their level of education & experience is what you must look for. 


More than 95 % of GYMS accept personal trainers a with just a certification obtained from a weekend course (yikes).


ALIO personal trainers are graduates of a 4-year Exercise Science program making them extremely skilled and qualified to guide members of all fitness levels through their workout journey.

Our education & experience allows us to easily modify exercises for members with chronic conditions and/or first time gym goers.

So the question is...Who will you trust with your health & wellness?



a Personal experience

Why we'RE a top 5 gym in san antonio

(a note from the alio founders)

We always put our members first no matter the circumstance. Sam and Danny (Owners) are always on standby. We give our members a personalized experience.


ALIO is a training studio that is heavily invested in its members and fitness program.


exclusive group personal training

quality over quantity 

Ever since we opened our studio back in 2017 we always emphasized only having a certain amount of members so we can give them the best service possible! 


Most gyms tend to forget about you once you become a member. It's a completely different story at ALIO!  


We are one of the very few fitness studios that keep our group sessions small. Group training is strictly catered to a maximum of 12 people making our sessions more personalized and interactive.


As professional personal trainers its important to monitor your form on the gym floor.

State of the art fitness equipment 

you won't find it anywhere else

Most group sessions/classes are relatively the same around the world. They all use the same equipment and bootcamp format. Everyone is usually spread out and is limited to dumbbells/bands ect. Everyone is doing the same exercise at the same time. These workouts can become repetitive, boring and can limit your progression.


Here at ALIO when we say it's GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING we mean it. We program the group session just like a ONE on ONE personal training session. 

A combination of Leg Press, Cable Towers and Jacobs Ladder makes our program unique and exciting.


 few gyms have this body scanner

fit 3d body scanner 

As a training studio we have one very important job. This is getting you from point A to point B, which means that your goals are our goals. 


Introducing our state of the art Fit 3D body scanner! There are only a handful of these phenomenal scanners in Texas! We acquired the Fit 3D to perform a full body analysis on our members.


The body scan determines your current status for us to be able prescribe an accurate timeline to reach your goals. Each membership receives 2 complimentary scans.


Let's go into detail about what it does for you!


1) Circumference Measurements


2) Body Fat Analysis


3) Basal Metabolic Rate


4) Posture Analysis


5) 3D Silhouette of your body and much more!


our accountability app

all in one place

As personal trainers we need to know what you're doing in and out of the gym to make adjustments if need to. Our "ALIO Exclusive" app was introduced this year for our members to track their activity. We use this app to be on top of your fitness journey.


Let's take a look at the awesome features!


1) Two way messaging to communicate with us instantly


2) Body measurement tracking


3) Activity Tracking (syncs to Fitbit/Apple Watch)


4) Calorie Tracking (syncs to My Fitness Pal)



Nutrition is 80% of results

don't sleep on this fact

We can't emphasize enough the importance of nutrition. Nutrition is the foundation of a successful fitness journey. Everyone is different and we all have unique goals. 


When we receive your body analysis from your Fit 3D scan we can determine the appropriate tailored nutrition plan for you. 

**Nutrition plans are provided at an additional cost**



the extra stuff we all want


Who doesn't love amenities? It's the little things in life that matter. Face and shower towels are available at your convenience. We also have a shower room and two private restrooms.

Forgot your water bottle? No worries! We have a purified water station with disposable cups.



ready for the "deets"


All ALIO memberships specifically cater to our group training program.
There are 3 group training programs to choose from.
There are no long term contracts. 
Every membership is month to month with a 30 day cancellation policy
(notify us one billing date in advance).

Message us below to discuss your goals.


Tel: 210-490-ALIO (2546)


15909 San Pedro Avenue ste. 116 San Antonio, TX  78232

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