Introducing our state of the art Fit 3D body scanner, located inside  ALIO Fitness Club facility.


There are only a handful of these phenomenal scanners in Texas and we are proud to have one, so we can better help you with your goals. Every membership comes with 4 complimentary body scans.


Why Get Scanned? 



A) No human error - Measuring people with a tape measure can cause mistakes. For one, every personal trainer measures  differently (different parts of the body). When we measure a second time by hand we could be measuring a few centimeters off and every centimeter matters.


B) Body Fat Assessment - The Fit 3D Scan algorithm will determine your body fat based off your circumference measurements and other important data. Most gyms use the handheld bio-electrical impedance. The problem with the handheld equipment is that you need to be properly hydrated. If you are over-hydrated/dehydrated it will greatly affect your results.


C) Basal Metabolic Rate - The Fit 3D scanner will give you an estimate of how many calories you burn at rest (throughout the day). This feature is extremely important, especially when prescribing a nutrition plan. As professionals we need to know every detail so you can accomplish your goals in an effective rate and manner.


D) Posture Analysis - Understanding your posture is critical to stay healthy. It is important to find out if you have any imbalances that need to be corrected. This way we can strengthen those areas to prevent injury outside the gym.


E) 3D Silhouette of your body - Each new week in a fitness program, your body will start to change. We usually can be our own worst critic. Sometimes you might feel like you haven't seen "enough" progress. The Fit 3D body scanner will give you a 3D silhouette of your entire body (every angle). This way you can visually see your own results and find out where you lost body fat from. Everyone is different, we all lose/gain body fat in different areas at a different pace.



Results of your scan are delivered to you directly in a confidential email, and it is up to you who you share your results with. 



The scan will help you have precise measurements and keep you consistent throughout your fitness program with us which in turn will keep you motivated and successful