There are so many reasons why people choose personal training. Maybe you need that personal push or accountability. Some enjoy the privacy of not training in front of other people.
Whatever the reason may be know that we are here to listen and map out a game plan for you. Once we understand what your specific goals and limitations (If you have any) are then we asses your body with our Fit 3D body scanner to learn more.
We understand that everyone has specific goals or special conditions that need close attention which is why we have invested in the best equipment and have highly educated/experienced personal trainers to tailor a program for your specific needs.


All personal training programs do not require a club membership. You will have access to the club exclusively to yourself and your personal trainer. All ages are welcome for personal training.
We are proud to announce that we only employ personal trainers with Exercise Science degrees. We are very serious about our profession; you don't have to worry about hiring an inexperienced "personal trainer" with a certification that they received after only a weekend course. 



-Elevate your Personal Training Experience-

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