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6 Week Transformation

I am a Mom of two small children (4 and almost 2) with a full time job and crazy hours. I had been an athlete for almost all my life but had a really hard time getting back to working out after having my youngest child. My diet had also changed significantly during and after that pregnancy.


I had trained with Sam previously, back in 2009/2010, and absolutely loved his personal training style so I knew I had to give ALIO a try. My husband and I went in for a tour and a free class, signed up, set our goals, had our measurements taken, and Danny set us up with a personally tailored nutrition plan that he modified every 2 weeks (he still modifies it). Within two weeks (6 sessions) I already felt like I was returning to my old and healthy. During my first six weeks, I lost 8 pounds (144 lbs to 136 lbs) and a little over 5% body fat. This was with going to ALIO only 3-4 times per week (no additional working out) and following my diet exactly as prescribed. My clothes fit better, I feel better, I ALWAYS make sure I make time for my workouts because I love going to this gym. I am not a morning person at all and I get up at 4:45 am to get to the 5:30 am workout if it's my only option because this has become something that I NEED. I absolutely cannot recommend Alio highly enough. I'm addicted.

- Krystal 

6 Week Transformation

This is hands down my favorite gym that I have ever attended, and that's probably due to the fact that this isn't your traditional gym.

I've been coming here for 4 weeks now and I'm down 13lbs and 2.1% body fat.  I'm a snowboard bum from the Pacific Northwest who has sworn for my entire life that I would never become a gym junkie.  Sam and Danny at ALIO have completely changed my mindset!



- Tyler

This is Barbara at week 1 (top) , week 6 (middle) and week 12 (bottom)

 After turning 50, I justified the slow weight gain that was happening. I just thought that’s what happens after 50. At 54, I had finally had enough. My daughter, Krystal told me about ALIO and I gave it a try. After two months of eating right and working out harder than I’ve ever worked out, I am down 15 lbs and lost 10% body fat. I challenge all my San Antonio friends to try ALIO for 6 weeks and see what happens. You won’t regret it!


12 Week Transformation

5 Week Transformation

6 Week Transformation

Losing weight has never comes easy for me. A few years ago I lost 50 pounds over 18 months but for the past two years I have struggled with maintaining motivation to lose some of the pounds I had gained back. This six-week challenge with ALIO Fitness Club has helped me overcome those obstacles and was exactly what I needed to jump start my fat loss again. Getting involved with this challenge helped me get back to where I needed to be to see additional changes. The diet plan was designed specifically for me and my weight loss goals. The workouts at ALIO are second to none and I feel challenged and fired up with every session. I could not be more excited about the results and the drive to lose the rest of the weight I’ve been talking about for years! I feel great and I am more motivated than ever.  It truly helps to have Sam and Danny on my side wanting it just as bad for me as I do.



Week 1 (Top) -Week 6 (middle)- Week 12 (Bottom)

6 Week Transformation

6 Week Transformation

12 Week Transformation

6 Week Transformation

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