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There is no other gym like ours in Texas!


Experience 45-60 minutes of top-tier group personal training in an exclusive setting.

You will encounter a unique setting along with fitness equipment that no other group training studio uses nationally. Say bye to your over-crowded gym. ALIO groups sessions are capped at 16 people per session. We believe in attention, monitoring form, and specific exercise programming to fit your lifestyle.





Tired of training the same way over and over?


We create the most innovative workouts that change daily to keep you engaged and wanting more. Each membership includes two state of the art Fit 3D body Scans  which will determine your circumference measurements, body fat percentage, posture analysis and BMR (how many calories you burn at rest). 


We also offer tailored nutrition plans (additional cost) which is highly recommended (80% of results). To make things even better know that we are a local gym only located in San Antonio, TX. Trust us when we say you will certainly get a local personable experience.

ALIO Fitness Club utilizes scientifically-based training protocols that help individuals shred fat and build lean muscle. 


Our workouts are hybrid between time and reps. Our program has a perfect combination of resistance training and conditioning exercises. We give you a new experience every time you enter the facility.  

Message us below to chat

about your goals.

guidance is key.

There is a reason we are top 5 best gyms in San Antonio.


Let us guide you through your fitness journey while you learn and enjoy a healthier balanced lifestyle!


Tel: 210-490-ALIO (2546)


15909 San Pedro Avenue ste. 116 San Antonio, TX  78232

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